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Lunar New Year's day, the Eight Mile River Tourist Zone ushered in a new year's opening

Date:2017-01-28  Views:1542

  New year's day, sunny sky, warm as spring, for the vast number of tourists travel to create favorable conditions, making the Eight Mile River Tourist Zone ushered in a new year's opening.

  The morning of the ten ecological parking lot with a tourist area, the timely activation of the plan, to enable the two spare parking lot, eight river police deployed 20 police and police vehicles parked assistance work, as prepared in the program properly, tourist area without tourists traffic congestion phenomenon.

  Before the Spring Festival, the Eight Mile River tourist area according to past visitors, combined with the actual development of the overall planning, formulate the relevant contingency plans, and the festival tourism area, to create a strong festive atmosphere. Eight in the Ming and Qing Dynasties River tourism attractions for free and open people's court Yingshang concessions。


  This year, the growth rate of tourist receipts is far greater than the growth rate of ticket revenue. As of press time, eight Li River tourist area received 20 thousand and 800 visitors, an increase of 2.46%, ticket revenue of 402 thousand and 300 yuan, an increase of 2.6%. The Eight Mile River tourist market runs smoothly and has good order, and no tourist complaints or travel safety incidents have occurred.

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