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Eight Mile River Tourism Zone to carry out security checks before the holiday

Date:2017-01-26  Views:1482

  In the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to effectively enhance the "eight Li River tourist area" festival safety awareness, prevent all kinds of accidents, and ensure that the tourist area to live a happy and peaceful Spring festival. On the morning of January 24th, the safety inspection team of the Eight Mile River tourist area led by Wang Qiang and Zhu Yuming in charge of the safety inspection of the scenic spots and facilities in the tourist area before the festival.

  During the inspection, the inspection team key view BAIQUESI, visitor center, marina, Niaoyu Lin, Dongyuan District, amusement park, business and other security responsibility to implement, fire fighting equipment equipped with the implementation of the work, to remind departments and business users to regulate the use of fire power, good fire safety equipment and fire source, strengthen the tourist facilities maintenance work, promptly eliminate safety hazards; power supply, on the tourist area of flammable and explosive materials and electrical equipment to focus on safety inspection, problems found during the inspection timely rectification, eliminate all security risks.

  During the Spring Festival to develop safety emergency plan according to the actual situation of tourism; strengthen the propaganda tourism area before safety, improve the tourism attractions safety signage, clear fire evacuation responsibilities, reduce all kinds of accidents.

  It is reported that the Eight Mile River tourist area through the pre fire safety inspection, rectification of fire hazards 1 were found, terminal security risks 1, issued a "rectification notice" of 2 copies, effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

 The tourist area shall strengthen the management of night watch during the Spring Festival, and combine patrol vehicles with foot exercises to patrol the key parts at night. Make sure that the Eight Mile River tourist area has a happy and peaceful Spring festival.
- Eight Mile River tourist area safety supervision department


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