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Turn south lake amorous feelings - fingers commitment

Date:2010-12-09  Views:2430

All the way to wuhan.A dark asphalt, shiny joins in the south of the city to the picturesque south lake, her spacious and smooth, like a beautiful black ribbons in PiaoYe, this itself is a beautiful scenery.

Western gate house magnificent towering, an exotic emotional appeal.Along the winding of the strop lake, weeping willow yiyi, swaying, outline moths, from the wide lake blowing cool breeze, stroke face GanShuang, refreshing.In the world of birds, birds singing, rhyme and noisy to sing, like a symphony in the play.Sagishima on crane dance and seagulls, the bird's nest low-hanging, mirror film with sparkling clean around the lake are hui.As a part of ink painting.A farmer holding buffalo carefree grazing on the shore, smooth added a kind of massiness quiet and peaceful rural breath.Every time I walked alone on the boulevard, often is adjusted so smooth and happy mood, a warm southerly breeze blow gently, clear and bright, soft, long, warm but not crazy.A bath in which just mineral spring bath of "stuff".

A lake of clear water, remit the huaihe river and the spirit of shaying river, captivating, magnificent, rippling, reed, luxuriant, swaying.Float or drift slowly in the distance long, thin, hazy mist, holding up the field of white like a day.Magic and full of a kind of illusion.A flock of wild birds flying in the sky like pieces of colorful cloud, from floating on water there is a noise.There are dozens of all kinds of water birds in south lake life.Previously lax, disorderly catching disorderly kill people, very near.Managers an able person management, that was just a few short years, flew back home, passing by the lust of the good water, and play group, it has also become the junction of migratory birds migrating a north-south line.In the south lake fish rich and high quality, no pollution.Shrimp, crab, carp, silver carps, suppress all delicious and well-known, often reminiscent of appetite.

Through the long division, walked across the bridge, through the serpentine gallery, beauty, beauty of water, the beautiful panoramic view.In the clear, low eyebrow looking down at the foot of the underlying fish gambols.At the magnificent temple of Zeus, the triumph of high stand, guan Yin kindness and stands.White birds of incense and chant buddhist scripture, guan wind generated by this peaceful, quiet, soothing surrounded.The south lake park, one of the moths of scenic beauty, treasure.You are like a shining pearl inlaid in the northwest of anhui this fast ancient land, according to a standard and chic, a kind of magic, a kind of "amorous feelings".Charming, fascinating.As a small county famous attractions were rated national AAAA level scenic natural "worthy".

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