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In eight wonderful green river

Date:2010-12-09  Views:1521

That day we meet to the beautiful scenery, scenery in the charming and picturesque eight river.In the eight river scenic area is located in anhui stands on the county town of eight river.Huai water in the south, the east faces the shaying river, north of innovative city, west of fuyang, enjoy "the day the first farmers park" laudatory name.

Here has a beautiful melody sounds of nature, light if the hazy beauty with a gauzy, globetrotting researchers-and great scenes and let fancy free sentiments.Some people say that carves into the landscape is a kind of impregnation of the mind.Perhaps, this makes sense, perhaps, eight river is such a picture of the scenery.

- and better."The world of birds" is the Chinese first, one hundred species of ten thousand birds in the free world to chase, full of the atmosphere of joy.Make visitors blissfully unaware, intoxicated.

Second, the green.Zigzag bridge, the jade belt bridge, winding, strewn at random have send.The river rippling, IP voice, colleagues of the flute, people's laughter, fuses in together, floating on the surface of the water.The tall willow tree rows to schism over the sides of embankment, LiuShao scattered in the wind, alluringly much appearance;Send the charming scenery of jiangnan.Wooden and iron room is also distinctive, different style, distribution in the lake willow pangde, in which if GeShiZhiGan lapses into the penglai fairyland.Some praise the eight river "isn't a jiangnan, jiangnan".

Three, strange."World view" park miniature the arc DE triomphe, sacre coeur France, Greece, the temple of Zeus, the Dutch windmills, German village church, the grand canyon and other famous buildings.Chinese and western architecture in photograph reflect, creative, sophisticated layout in neat formation, beautiful.Especially the grand canyon, dark and deep, full of mystery, waterfall or strange stone, is worth watching.Stone was a waterfall after washing, particularly clean, present a fascinating charm, like the girl sit on the floor, after bath brush with elegant long hair.I stand on the rock, close your eyes and listen to the murmur of sound, forget everything, the body also seemed to dissipate in the air, and the universe.Play fun, so wonderful, so magical!(Zhang Zhengqing)

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