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CCTV's "big country of the countryside" series "home" enters the Eight Mile River program, recording a successful conclusion.

Date:2018-06-28  Views:1150

CCTV's "big country of the countryside" series "home" enters the Eight Mile River program, recording a successful conclusion.

 In the afternoon of May 30th, CCTV CCTV-7 "the country big world" series "Hometown" into Yingshang County program recorded, the picturesque eight Li River tourist area successfully completed the curtain。

Yingshang County Deputy Secretary, county head Dou Canhui, Yingshang County standing committee, the county Party committee of propaganda minister Yue Sun, Yingshang County deputy magistrate, eight Li River town Party Secretary Zhang Bin, Yingshang County Deputy County Deputy Li Hong, Yingshang County vice chairman of the Political Consultative Conference Yuk Yu, Anhui eight Li River Tourism Development Co., Ltd. General Manager Peng Yanbin, county directly related departments and Eight Li River town, eight Li River tourist area chief executive and so on with thousands of people in the recording scene, together witness the bamboo slips, flower drum lantern umbrella, old goose steamed bun and other products representing Yingshang characteristics into the CCTV, and move towards the whole country.

Dou Canhui and outstanding representatives from all walks of life in the county recorded the scene to speak for their hometown Yingshang.

CCTV - 7 rural big world is CCTV's only large variety show for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. It can see the population more than 800 million, in order to "make the whole country happy to get up and make the water and soil rich" as the purpose, to show a comprehensive feature of a place with a panoramic variety technique, let the whole country understand a place, make a place to go to the country's unique form, and receive the attention and praise from the audience of the national electric view.

From May 2018, the column of "the great world of the country" continuously launched the 12 series of theme series, "home"! It will take "the people and things of the hometown" as the object of narration, inviting a group of people who are born or born, or the local celebrities, eminent personages and so on. Agricultural products endorsement, for the beautiful scenery of hometown food endorsement, for the hometown of the characteristic culture of the speech! Through their own heart and perspective of the inclination to tell, deeply excavate the home story behind the variety show.

The recording scene is more unusual, the program starts and the non - material cultural heritage projects from Yingshang appear in succession. The old artists and young actors jump up the joyful dance together to push the atmosphere of the program to the climax. The seven hosts of CCTV Xiao Bi also introduced the representatives of the Eight Mile River tourism area at the early stage of their construction, and thanked them for their outstanding contributions to the Eight Mile River.

 The seven sets of CCTV hosts, Xiao Bi, Liu Gang, Fu Yulong, and Yingshang broadcasting and television broadcasting station, Zhou Hainan, performed a humorous sitcom "Guan Bao's hand", and the special musical instruments of the CCTV guest guest South Wei Dong, Yingshang drum lantern, Yingshang commonweal Association, and the national non-material cultural heritage. The funny pieces brought by the representatives made the recording scene very lively. Wang Sheng, Wang Zhuhua, Wang Qiancheng Zu Sunsan's outstanding performance brought the audience's cheers. Yingshang's outstanding representative in the outside world sang the original song "home and home", reflecting the love of the visitors to his hometown. These programs were selected by the CCTV professional teachers as judges, and after several rounds of competition, they were on the CCTV stage.

Seven sets of CCTV hosts Xiao Bi, Liu Gang, Fu Yulong

Special guest of CCTV special music performance
National intangible cultural heritage Yingshang flower drum lamp

Wang's three generation of performers

Yingshang's outstanding representative, Gao Bing, sang the original song "go home and go home".

Yingshang Public Welfare Association volunteer sketch performance

The song "wait for you in Yingshang"

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