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Matters of attention to tourism safety

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Attention to travel of women alone

Note: according to the number of bus should line up on the car, the car leader responsible for counting the number, arrived on time departure, such as timely reporting of accidents and nursing team; take good care of their children, strictly comply with the head and hand out of the window; public health, garbage will be thrown into the garbage bag; if there is a car in motion sickness prevention; when needing the way to catch a cold, prepared for a good amount of clothing / food / beverage, advance the toilet convenient; return route, no special circumstances shall not stop on the way.

In order to make people spend a relaxed, happy and safe holiday holiday, please tell the relatives and friends of this tour schedule so as not to worry and prepare for the travel. Please pay attention to safety during the journey.

Don't bring valuables and luggage. As to carry identity cards, credit cards, precious jewelry, camera and so must be cautious to keep good; according to the arrangement of travel commodity with the necessary (such as paper towels / clothing / folding umbrella), emergency medicine (such as medicine and essential balm / carminative oil), glasses, tourism etc. along with the car with the telescope; the medicine box for emergencies.

Participate in the activities, we must obey the command command, is located, qualifying and orderly, set aside enough safe space, avoid crowded or shoving occurred extrusion, injury, falls, drowning, falls and other accidents, keep a safe distance. Don't be too attached to attractions or shopping spots, resulting in lagging or procrastination. Listen to the command and arrangement of tour guides and team leaders, arrive at the designated locations on time, and get on the train on time, so as to avoid delays. Do not act alone. If you have a personal temporary arrangement or a change in the route, you must ask the leader's consent in advance.

Attention should be paid to safety exit, fire extinguisher, hydrant, fire break button / alarm button location, safety area / location (when a blackout or fire happens), if a fire occurs, do not ride an ordinary elevator. Pay attention to the surrounding environment, take good care of your belongings, do not touch strangers alone, do not make loud noises when visiting or entertainment, so as not to affect others; strictly prohibited from engaging in any illegal activities during tourism.

We must pay attention to diet and drinking water when going out for traveling. Do not buy or eat packaging, no manufacturer / no date / no QS food quality and safety certification mark or expired food, so as to prevent adverse reactions after eating. If there is any discomfort, report the leader / tour guide in time for medical treatment.

Go to the scenic tourist, tourist visiting place must abide by the regulations, no smoking, spitting, littering and freely enter non tourist area photograph and other bad behavior; and tourists and local residents pay attention to communication, politeness, respect local customs; climb high, both to prevent fall injuries, but also to prevent the foot was NSIS or mountain snake bites; after high or cable plank, must hold handrail or rope; not crowded chase, careful steps and narrow, Ta; after the slippery road area, such as there is danger of falling; after the construction area, to maintain a safe distance, take the safe passage, do not enter the construction site random, prevent falls, injuries, shock, collapse and other accidents.

Should comply with the norms of civic good moral civilization in the process of tourism (such as zunlaoaiyou, waiting in line / shopping / dining, do not throw confetti peel shell, protect public property, not spitting / chewing gum in public places, do not speak loudly or fight, don't speak foul language / etc.), avoid arguments or conflict with others; always pay attention to the maintenance of Yantai yatchi (Haiyang stone) and a good personal image. Other outings must be paid attention to safety matters (such as the prevention of torrential torrential flash floods, lightning injuries, landslides, debris flows, etc.).

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