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The legend of emperor qianlong traveling incognito stands on

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(1) of the qianlong emperor and pole lane

Xiguan today stands on the city and an alley called flagpole lane.This alley has something to do with the qianlong emperor, it is said that the qing dynasty emperor qianlong years, shaanxi ShenHong eight fishing tour case once washs a face, reflected a lucky tree found in the basin, and is capable of feng shui, so he looked for the trees.Finally found in the small town, is located in the flagpole lane today.Because ShenHong thought is that period famous loyalist, emperor qianlong esteem and preference.On one occasion, under emperor qianlong jiangnan, specially make to visit shen graduated, in recognition of his loyalty and steel straight stalwart, and erect a show that more than cultural identity and status of the flagpole, hang up the banner.And all that pass by the officials here, no matter how high position, power, multiple must civilian car, attache to dismount.In this way, the small alley for the qianlong emperor and ShenHong finches, so people call it "flagpole lane".And the recognition of loyalty to the flagpole was then cut into seven sections, scattered in shen's descendants home on novelty.According to the talker describe today only a quarter, a head has been burning.In his relatives preserved.Want to see is a rare cultural relics.

(2) of the qianlong emperor and "punch-line punch-line" (gen gen)

Graduated with other dialect is scolding others hard blunt eldest brother is playing in front of your face: you dare in front of the an punch-line punch-line car-scrapping (playing).The dialect is the earliest of the qianlong emperor, it is said that emperor qianlong alone one year traveling incognito after graduated, due to take food to eat, clothes and dressed like a beggar on purpose.Not hungry, had to be on the side of the road waiting for the man to save him.When an old couple was passing by, see his poor.They took him back home.Daily good wine good dinner hospitality.Emperor qianlong was very grateful, thanks for brother with him.Departure is told that the old man: if you want to him, can be in Beijing to find him, you say you are "punch-line punch-line" brother.One year, the old man still really want to meet once the brothers, packing duty.Reject all the way.In Beijing asking around who is "punch-line punch-line", no one knows.At a time when the old man take inventory and dry food.Had to be on the streets.Wandering in the street one day, he still kept in mouth of chanting "punch-line punch-line, punch-line punch-line".At this time, then through a sedan, ministers called to inquire the reason.Exclaimed: noble, turned out to be the emperor's half-brother, quickly put him to the advanced hotel, and said to the shopkeeper, allow him to live alone in the shop, you and the whole heart of scouts he is alone, he want to eat what you give what he does, he wants to wear what you buy him, he wanted to play what place you will go with him.Go back and tell the old man said, you said "the punch-line punch-line" is the emperor, only he can in Beijing said "punch-line punch-line", he is now traveling incognito.You have comfortable stay, didn't say anything until he came back.

Later, emperor qianlong back to Beijing, see the old man, and tried to persuade him to "sister-in-law" on the one hand and moved to the city to live.Said the old man politely refuse: lust after his hometown, he has land.So the qianlong emperor orders with eight carried a big car to his back, carried on book two gold: judge ye.In the past few can say shangguan ye, see is a junior officer, so the old man along the way were local officials as a guest.In January after the old man returned to his home on novelty, found that local officials had already left his home repair become "officer" side.Now has a lane in county hospital south is called the "officer" side, before there is a mountain of the loess, is not complete.The legend is popular.

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