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The legend of longgang

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On these two days' BBS several photography heavyweights, they seek in eight river scenic area in the east has a native land.Wolf Lord said that he was taken before, here, snow said version to high-quality goods, the cloud version said she had experience, and figure double charge.Said yes, I have a few master since all is hemp shrimp nian ship - by not help people make track for a star.Might as well make track for a moment, to explore the photography celebrity of the road to success, but get unexpected results.

At the end of this month on the first day of more than two in the afternoon, I drove (battery car), all the way to find just know in eight river fish breeding grounds, the specific location in eight river scenic area on the east side.Someone told me a piece of land about it again, there is a lot to the original named green longgang, why don't take this to show off and ineffable name?Was speaking the words long, let's get back to the Ming dynasty in the early time.Anhui leader after zhu yuanzhang's big base, said a relief relief zhongyuan elder;2 it is harm advantages, make Jiang Shanyong solid.Just send eight MAO cruise according to control flood.After MAO tour according to an official clean, accept huang life with dragon stripes along the huai.Putting the harnessing all the way.He check ley, t mark came to three, three is zhu yuanzhang and ch 'en yu-liang compete for a place of war, after zhu yuanzhang reversal wins stool five-year sovereign.MAO tour according to according to the directed back to the emperor, the right hand holding a whip, left hand needle (stability anchor), the old longtan, see white boats, he decided that you were part of rondo, MAO tour by a whip, bailong genial smile that the southeast and flee, white dragon after land formed a huge gap, enough miles long, gully is called liu now.MAO tour press and finds a tsing lung in the underground, coming up of the crisis, once went to sand and stones flying, day happy to crack, the people will suffer.MAO tour by the right hand will be anchored to the next, needle in qinglong seven inches to harm, tsing lung will die out.Leave this one thousand myth and the legend of the beautiful.Now a lot of the old man saw a lot of fantasy in the left to the future generations many mysterious legends and anecdotes.

Now that the green longgang is biggest fish breeding base - eight in northwest of anhui associated fishery breeding grounds, the west close to the national 4 a level scenic area, beautiful scenery, aquatic product excellent, fertile land, rich natural resources, maintain good pristine waters, original ecological forest, every year there are fish merchants from all over the country to come to order, attracted visitors, become the biggest fish breeding base.

Spring, this spring grass, green tender green foothills of honor, Yang Ming, TaoGongLiuLu and spring;Summer, bright flowers, fragrant lotus elegant, TaoGongLiuLu, YanYu warbler crow.Autumn, fruitful, CengLinJinRan, autumn, osmanthus fragrance.Winter, cold plum proud snow, cypress emerald green, fishing along the river, looking for fun.Is the so-called chunsheng summer long, the autumn harvest winterizing.Four section 8 scenery, nature and humanity, place oneself among them, as if to navigate in the world of piao guizhen, natural magnanimous.Attract tourists to this, without regret, painter to paint, ink painters.Photographer to focus on this, sketch in season.

Why save the original here, find a fisheries experts with doubt, here is the one of the few breeding grounds, breeding first environmental water requirement is original, does not allow any organic infiltration, this also is the leading cause of other area to do not have.

Here is in front of economic development, and it can save the original ecology, with trees, flowers and plants, wood, water features.Uniformity of fish ponds, straight and tall fir, LinShui built house, and to create a harmonic compatibility of man and nature is the highest life.

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