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The legend of eight river and history Li Xishun

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History is like a long river, origin, process.Also in the eight river, from the evolution of the moon and stars, through the conceptions of time, through the period of civilization, after many times of change, step by step to today.

Eight river is not so much in a river, characters of a big lake, than the existing surface 1.80000 acres.In the history of the debate of "river" and "lake" also led to a lawsuit.

From 43 years jiajing of the Ming dynasty, there is a fisherman ChuDeCheng fengtai county, heard in the eight river is rich in fish and shrimp, fish and delicate beauty sweet taste delicious, is a wanted man in the market, just want to go fishing to catch shrimp.Find a native sons go before, can ask to fishing, the heads of the promised: "go!What's the problem with I speak."ChuDeCheng carry small came to henan shore fishing under the eight.

South bank one wang family, chief of the fathers is a local scholar, can speak eloquently.Under the river people catch fish, natural someone to the heads of the fathers in return.Wang, chief of the fathers know to stop fishing, after the two sides had an argument.Party speak eight river is the river, the river boating, fishing is not restricted, why not call to catch?A said eight river's lake, the lake has to be flooded with water and mountain people naturally have to use wood, a river fish this is natural.The confrontation, conflict, beaten up, the meeting.ChuDeCheng leave home a patriarch, store name, heads of families to government, wang has made full preparations.Two surname is written form paper, submit to the innovative state.

Before long, involving state command, to trial in three days.

In 3 days, the government officer's seat questioned: "both of you form paper referred to the river and the problem of the lake, what's going on?The plaintiff to speak first."Clan long said: "in the eight river is officer is not his name is wang, it does not belong to which a person, the so-called river, it comes from a source to its end, driving any ships and fishermen and fishing freedom."Lake in the lobby on the heads of the fathers' households of the wang also posed eight reason: "the so-called lake, is a low-lying land waterlogging formation water, it is local, short of large area of water, more can't sail, water, then arable farmers, eight around people when there is water in the lake fishing, no water cultivation, is to maintain."The rulers are rational, the two sides sentence, so we have to put the case on hold.

Wang, the two see no results, the two sides still unwilling.Two years later, the officer saw that drag down, then said: "the field to see this house before decide."Soon arrived at eight in the lake, look at the source and flow, check the riverbed and arable land, know the lake.Wang, chief of the fathers of the lawsuit win at last.

Now that is a lake, why still call river in eight?This is caused by history.One is the Ming dynasty water several times, the arrival of the huaihe river flood, the lake area is expanding, hard-hit, after water and taphole, shape of the lake in the eight at the age of water into the river;2 it is nonlocal pedestrians pass here see the lake is captivating, shows zonal distribution, and no end, always think is the river, out of habit and was called out of the eight river in this name.

The beginning is not called eight river.Long long ago, due to changes in the earth's crust, it with dai lake formed at the same time, constitute a long east-west clamp groove and several tributaries.Later, in jiaguo naturally thick willows on both sides, years later, in order to survive, the human to find himself on the natural environment of life.They come here, just in this slight slope farming, reflection on the background.From then on, people call the clamp groove for willow ditch, upstream of it still call willow ditch.Later the river bank there was a small town, call willow ditch town.

Willow ditch located on the left side of the huai river, and wear home lake are interlinked, wear home lake and huaihe river are interlinked, flood rise, will come to willow ditch river.Willow ditch river downstream, low-lying, there are hundreds of miles long source, the huaihe river can be have diarrhoea.Dayu water conservancy, people on both sides of the huaihe river flood control embankment.Willow ditch river and the huaihe river several apart, causing the willow ditch water nowhere have diarrhoea, overrun.

To the sui and tang dynasties, has brake control willow ditch water, was later flooding washed out and droped the huaihe river.At this time, had to potential channel, willow ditch has become a safe haven for the huai river.To and from ships mooring for days, often small merchants in willow ditch town, it became the amphibious transportation prosperous town.

Willow ditch after countless flooding river, riverbed silt, expand the river, formed the low lake depressions, willow ditch has ceased to save.

Towards the end of the yuan Ming, frequently because of the war, flood, willow ditch, river raging flood straight at willow ditch town and white temple, a big disaster reduction in willow ditch on both sides of the river.Fertile land, houses collapsed, and the people fled, here became desolate zeguo.Is left to the future generations, however, the legend of magic but full of fun and interest.Such as: wonderful three elder sister think, think observatory, small mouth and well, nine female grave, solitary state, mill and the lad beach, seize the pearl tablet, Wen Longqiao and temple, Kowloon.

In the eighteenth year of Ming hongwu, eight river white sparrow temple has been destroyed in a decade.At this time the people life is improved, the Buddha in popular period, due to the pilgrims lay people, led by local celebrities gentleman, successively in on both sides of the river, built the north shore of pan home with high emperor temple, south temple, are small temple, the monk dozen people.

In the qing dynasty, known as river river is eight.

Eight river in the past century, gruesome suffered disasters.In June 1938, the KMT government in the Yellow River HuaYuanKou made burst events, formed the flood, including south by eight river into the shaying river burst its Banks, flooding, riverbed rise, broaden the water, fertile land, houses collapsed, surrounding the mass exodus to survive, it is poor.

The blush on county annals "records:" the water storage, wang Yang, the vast, its potential catastrophic, north and south from eight li xu, yue in the river."Its length is up to more than 30 li, stationed in history by only a few bars of crossing the river, the local folk describe across difficult:

Eight river, river, sad,

A ship loaded with guest,

Stand on the shore wait and wait,

Has swung to the sunset.

Wind and rain, sad river,

Pedestrians to the living,

Hungry cold and hungry,

HuangHu without shadowing the torture.

If a patient needs to county hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment, not only across the shipwreck, is on a boat, a OARS OARS to roll over the past two hours, delay the disease;Horse shop ferry in 33 years of the republic of China in winter, a wang home the in-laws, the bride's ship was piercing ice, flooding, fall into ice, from now on no.Similar incidents occur every year, poignant.

Eight river, the nurture people on both sides of the river, leaving people both favor, also has a bitter memories.

Along the river on both sides of the people, and more on agriculture, as a deputy for fishing, thrive here.Backward means of production and mode of production, failed to make the appearance of eight river.In the memory of old people, eight of the river water in all the year round is captivating, waterfowl swarms, ling lotus root, buckwheat is full of HuCha, even the years of drought, the traffic is not convenient.In the song and Ming dynasties, and the upstream of the river built Xu Qiao willow ditch ma brick bridge, to the late qing dynasty and was washed away by the flood.To the period of the republic of China, this article two bridge by only a few stone built a simple bridge.As long as one to summer, the water rose, Bridges into the water, only two ferry to eke out the two north-south traffic.Especially the lake bridge is humble, can only pass in autumn and winter dry season.

Early liberation, the river in the eight failed to retrofit the use, in the worst flooding in one hundred, one hundred in the eight river on both sides looted.And Mr Is two counties in zeguo, novelty huai, the two rivers meet in river, lake home, Qiu Guhu, eight Jiang Guhu, ChengXiHu, Tang Duohu six big lakes rendezvous, became the vastness of the sea.May 4th year winter solstice in spring, the government arranged a large number of people moved to initiate.The wineries, started the taphole and eight of the huaihe river river diversion project.The duty of the huaihe river north shore along the levee break ground, intercepting the eight river water into the huai channel;At the same time opened eight into the shaying river flow path of the water in the river, and set brake closure.Since then, eight became shaying river tributaries.

Founded in 1958, eight river fishing grounds, but no delivery and management of big lake, just a single fish production.In three years of hard times, especially in 60 years, people on both sides of the river touch scoop water chestnut, fishing shrimp, clams, cut the weeds, even the river to help the people on both sides of the Taiwan life in eight.

In 1972, graduated in the county, the county government to develop in the eight river, focused perennial adrift in the outside of the county fishermen settled here, set up fishing communities, began eight in the governance of the river.

In 1976, the Shi Fangjun fishing communities secretary of the party committee, in governance, successively developed a victory day fair, how fair, fair, especially lake rice incense taking the four big fair, rebuild the Xu Qiao, ma brick bridge, communication half hillock, GuanTun and innovative city traffic.

In 1978, the river lake began in the eight fish delivery and management of the lake.At this moment has played eight river development, into the eight river prelude to wealth.

In 1982, eight river has caused in the county, provincial, central government attaches great importance to, believe in the eight river development prospect is considerable.Then, by the central aquaculture, aquaculture, provincial, county animal husbandry, fisheries bureau three joint investment of 1.93 million yuan, set up the "eight river county associated fisheries on state-run innovative", completed the victory day fair 1500 mu of aquiculture pond excavation task.

On January 6, 1989, Nick cheung entrust with the county, in the eight party committee secretary of the river.His in-depth practice, investigation and study, in view of the lake management chaos, conformism of agricultural production and people life level is very low, he "for the world heart, to the o life" a strong dedication to work, live up to entrust county and the hopes of the people, make plan, blueprint.He ordered three years three big step, got the support of the people.The first step, grasp the lake tube, whole catches the wind, the excavation low lake depressions, built the security field, the economic basis;The second step, the newly built from kindergarten to vocational high school, a dragon in the teaching of huai hope education center, let the child can be elementary education;The third step, from already designed and built a dam, bridge, bridge the north-south traffic communication.

Bridge, is related to people's production and life event, is the dream of the people from generation to generation in the eight river!

In spring 1990, Nick cheung on the party and government association to say: "bridge must repair, must restore this year.We bridge meets the district people's wish, as long as with the people of good things, we will boldly dry, water conservancy construction team to two years to build this bridge, we can't wait!"So that year to break ground, May 10, part of September arch bridge is built, earth dam project construction, November 2nd dispatched more than six thousand migrant workers, one thousand three hundred cars, 56 days, more than six hundred meters long and bridge across the river dam built in closed.Combination of bridge dam idea came true at last.Like a huge dragon, lies in the eight river dam people cheering on both sides, from the end of the history of difficult across the river.

Nick cheung built bridge, dam construction, led the whole town people to grasp change agriculture, promote the lake tube, hollow, build terraces, state education, park, faithfully performed their duties.With the doers boldness, comb wind and rain, fought for several years, finally wake up the sleeping eight river in one thousand, has brought the infinite vitality to the frozen soil.

Today's eight get a governance and development in the river, the river clear, fish high quality beauty, annual output of one million tons or more.To ensure that the agricultural water in dry conditions, and waterlogging in the water can be row in the shaying river, still can obtain harvest.As a ninety-four - year - old farmer Dr Huang tsun-sheng praise: "the bead, Kowloon, eight YuMi Township".

Now the glittering river Bridges dam, town river pagoda volley that huai yu ting, stand tall, river in the south lake park nestled in eight arms;Aquaculture, landscape for the integration of tourism and agriculture, to fill the gaps in huaibei plain.Eight river have to show not jiangnan, new look better than jiangnan, this in its history left a glorious page.

Former secretary of CPC anhui hui said: "our eight river see tourism agriculture, having a unique style, it does not have the advantage, but to create the advantage, has created a new landscape, for the development of agriculture provides a new proposition that is worth studying."Li, hu jintao, Tian Jiyun, zou jiahua, party and state leaders have to come here to visit, give a high evaluation.

In the ancient eight river is the glow vitality!

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