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Anhui Eight Mile River Huaihe style cultural exhibition hall construction project successful candidate publicity

Date:2017-03-02  Views:1456

Successful candidates publicity



Eight in Yingshang County Town People's Government

Project name

Construction project of Anhui Eight Mile River Huaihe style cultural exhibition hall

Project number


Bidding method

Public bidding

Bid opening time

At 9:30 on January 25, 2017

Candidate for winning the bid

First, the successful candidate: Anhui 33 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
The second successful candidate: Anhui Jincheng County of Huaiyuan Province Construction Engineering Company Limited
Candidate 3: Dongzhi County Heng Xin Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tender offer

First, the successful candidate: 1433476.24 yuan
Second candidate: 1436513.86 yuan
Candidate for third instance: 1438580.42 yuan

project manager

First successful candidate: Huo Xiang
Second candidate: Li Changliang
Third candidate: Ye Mei

Time limit and quality standard

50 calendar days, qualified

Publicity time

January 25, 2017, -2017, February 3rd

The bidder has questioned the above results, please in the publicity period, in writing to the tenderer for the project in question, Tel: 15056860850; also can reflect to the tendering agency. Tel: 0558-3925566. 

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