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Eight in the town of Yingshang County Government Tourism Area parking lot membrane structure canopy project successful candidate publicity

Date:2017-03-02  Views:1367

Successful candidates publicity


Anhui Eight Mile River Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Project name

A membrane structure canopy parking eight Yingshang County Government Tourism Area in town

Project number


Bidding method

Public bidding

Bid opening time

At 9:30 on January 6, 2017

Candidate for winning the bid

First, the successful candidate: Anhui Annwa Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tender offer

First, the successful candidate: 420046.64 yuan

project manager

First successful candidate: Ma Chinese

Time limit and quality standard

30 calendar days, qualified

Publicity time

January 9, 2017, -2017, January 11th

  The bidder has questioned the above results, please in the publicity period, in writing to the tenderer for the project in question, Tel: 15056860850; also can reflect to the tendering agency. Tel: 0558-3925566.                     

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