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Outdoor adventure should pay attention to seven matters

Date:2009-07-18  Views:435

Insurance experts advise you to apply for travel insurance:

First of all, you should carefully fill out the application form. Online fill in the application form must be filled out correctly, and to avoid the insurance company exclusions in danger because of incorrect information, resulting in unnecessary losses;

Two is to see the insurance clause. Before paying the premium, you must ask the insurance agent to issue a complete insurance contract and read it in person. You should fully understand the scope of the disclaimer, the insurance coverage and the claim, and prevent vague words;

Three is not guaranteed, the more the better. Generally speaking, focus on personal accident insurance can be guaranteed, Baoduo less according to their own actual situation can be;

Four is an accident, should promptly notify the insurance company. Article twenty-first of the insurance law stipulates that the insured, the insured or the beneficiary shall notify the insurer in time of the occurrence of the insurance accident."

Therefore, the accident should be reported in a timely manner; carry safety cards, insurance cards and credit cards, it is important to protect important objects.

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