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More than eight guards to the river tourist area research, guide tourism development

Date:2017-02-07  Views:1446


In February 6th, deputy magistrate Yu Bao went to the Eight Mile River tourist area to conduct research and guide the development of tourism. County Tourism Bureau deputy director Zhang Hao, eight Li River town Party committee secretary, mayor Wang Wenxin and tourist areas and other units responsible comrades, accompanied by research.

 The guard went more than tourist area in Ming and Qing court, East Park, West Park, visitor center, etc., focusing on Tourism wisdom Tourism Video Monitoring Center, five-star toilet, tour guide system, scenic trails, signage and other important facilities and standardized operation and management of the field research, and listened carefully to the relevant County town responsible comrades of the work report, a detailed understanding of the development of scenic spots and tourism development status of rural tourism planning and construction, put forward the guiding opinions and body tourist areas in the planning, scenic construction, promotion and production safety etc..


I pointed out that the county Party committee and county government attaches great importance to tourism work, adhere to the "ecological supremacy", "city integration", "cultural brigade interaction.". To fully tap the tube as Gan Luo's hometown, hometown Yingshang huagudeng, and push the rich heritage of the birthplace of the drama, dig the historical and cultural resources, highlighting the tourism culture.

  The Eight Mile River tourist area as a name card Yingshang tourism, we must firmly establish a sense of quality, and actively promote the transformation of the scenic environment, perfect facilities, rich management content, improve service quality, and constantly improve the functions and elements of scenic spots, effectively enhance the attractiveness and influence of the shadow area. Tourism development, publicity for the first, to promote tourism area as the starting point, to organize various kinds of sports activities as an opportunity to increase marketing efforts, carry out a full range of publicity and promotion activities, innovative forms of support and efforts to enhance the tourism image and brand, fully show the river in eight tube cultural tours, Huaihe style swim, swim, swim beautiful countryside ecological water four big brands, the early completion of global tourism resort high standard.

 Wang Wenxin said, the Eight Mile River tourism area will be based on the development of the global tourism scenic area service quality, to handle the special rectification action, good development of industrial integration brand, constantly enrich the content of tourism development, tourism projects, expand the influence, and actively explore the new mode of "Travel +" development, effectively boost poverty battle, built as soon as possible national leisure tourism resort, National Tourism destination.

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