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Eight Mile River tourist area 2017 "Spring Festival" small holiday work summary

Date:2017-02-03  Views:1442

  During the 2017 "Spring Festival holiday, the weather is good, the temperature rose significantly, no rain, only in the beginning of the four month is affected by cold air, the temperature decreased, the evening time accompanied by snow, had no impact on people.

  Overall, eight tourists in River Tourism reception work is safe and stable, without the occurrence of accidents and major tourist complaints from tourists, tourism work to achieve the "safety, order, quality and efficiency of the" four unified goal.
I. Basic Conditions
Because at the beginning of the month began in four affected by cold air, the Eight Mile River tourist area of Spring Festival holiday tourist reception overall decreased slightly compared with last year, tourists are the main types of self driving tour, tour and travel to visit relatives.

  The Spring Festival is the beginning of the six month, the last day of the holiday, as of press time, the Eight Mile River tourist area of the number of tourists 16 thousand and 300 people, down 5.23%. Ticket income was 337 thousand and 300 yuan, down 4.55%. According to statistics, as of press time, during the Spring Festival holiday, Eight Mile River tourist area, a total of 118 thousand and 900 visitors, down 10.66%. Ticket income was 2 million 363 thousand and 700 yuan, down 9.16%.

Two, the main work
This year's Spring Festival small holiday, scenic tourism basically achieved the orderly market, safe work in an orderly manner, tourism environment civilization, economic benefits, industry steady development. We have mainly done the following aspects of work:
(1) earnestly strengthen leadership and prepare for the full work of the small holiday;
To do the work during the Spring Festival holiday tourism, to achieve leadership, personnel in place, the responsibility to implement, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent the occurrence of accidents tourism scenic spots in strict accordance with the relevant requirements, before organizing experts to conduct a comprehensive safety hazards investigation work of scenic spots, the safety problems in the bud. In addition, all employees give up the opportunity to reunite with their families and devote themselves wholeheartedly to the reception work during the Spring Festival holiday. At the same time, members of the team on duty 24 hours on duty personnel carried out a detailed division of work, and keep the relationship between tourism enterprises, especially for the weather, road conditions and vehicle along the way of monitoring implementation, put safety work in the Tourism Festival first; at the same time, carefully formulate and improve the overall work plan for the Spring Festival small holiday and emergency plan. To create a festive atmosphere, before the festival, work overtime on the first, three towers and seven towers and other major buildings for lighting and landscaping, in the scenic spots along the layout of the national flag and lanterns, add festive atmosphere. To ensure that visitors enjoy a happy, peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival holiday.
(two) strengthen supervision, Golden Week tourism work safe and orderly
To do a comprehensive tourism safety supervision work area actively supervise all service personnel to firmly establish the "without security of tourism, tourism safety awareness is the lifeline of production safety, earnestly implement the a pair of" safety responsibility system, the implementation of security responsibilities, improve security measures to strengthen the safety management, the tourism safety work carefully and realistically, do a good job. During the Spring Festival holidays, the leaders of the scenic spots maintained the safety inspection and ensured the orderly development of the tourism safety work during the spring festival.
(three) standardize the order of the tourist market and further optimize the tourist environment in the tourist area
Before the holiday, the town Party committee, the town government joint market supervision and management of the surrounding areas of tourism shops and hotels to carry out great promotion, in strict accordance with the relevant standards for upgrading. Through the promotion, to further optimize the tourism catering environment.
(four) enhance service consciousness and further improve service level
According to the operating characteristics of the Spring Festival holiday tourism market, combined with the standardization work to create, in the holiday tourism information, statistical forecast, promotion, consumer guide, system security and other aspects of management, coordination and service level are significantly improved.

  The service personnel in tourist areas firmly establish the aim of serving tourists, enhance service consciousness, raise service level and perfect the handling system of tourist complaints. Promotion services will be implemented in action, during the festival, all staff adhere to the "smile service", want the tourists want to meet all the reasonable needs of tourists, to more humane services to each visitor. The overall service quality of the eight Li River tourist area has been effectively improved, thus laying the foundation for the completion of the Spring Festival tourist reception work.
Although the Spring Festival is over and everyone has returned to work, there may be some loss and some laziness. Let's put aside everything and work hard, because the present is for the next vacation, let us meet again!

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