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National civilized town

Date:2007-07-06  Views:553

Recently, the "national civilized town" selection announced, the county of "Global 500", one of the "national AAAA level scenic area" and the "national agricultural tourism demonstration sites" located eight Town won by the Central Committee of civilization informed recognition, become the "national civilized town", become the only one in the laurel township of Fuyang city.

In recent years, the river in eight to the development of tourism green environmental protection, ecological agriculture is characteristic, in a piece of wasteland on the painted on the tourism development blueprint, has been listed as provincial nature reserve, the "Global 500" one of the "national AAAA level scenic area" and the "National Agricultural tourism demonstration sites" after decades of development the growth, social harmony and progress, beautiful natural environment, eight in the town won the "national civilized town" award, and for my county tourism development with under a thick and heavy in colours!

Eight Li River "national civilized villages and towns", a pearl on the shore of Huaihe

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