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The tomb-sweeping day eight river, enjoy the traditional culture and natural scenery

Date:2015-01-15  Views:1393


"Eight river, appreciation of beauty, more appreciate traditional arts, the qingming festival small long vacation, value!"Mr. Zhou from hefei happily told reporters.


From April 5 to 7, the qingming festival small long vacation period, was in grade 5 a scenic area of eight river scenic area known for its beautiful scenery attracted eight party guests, at the same time, the ancient city of clay figurine, huai drums book non-material cultural heritage, such as introducing scenic area, create a good cultural atmosphere, further shows the innovative huai in the cultural inheritance.


Reporters on the scene saw, such as clay figurine, drums book culture essence, attracting students, the old man and the attention of literature and art lovers, they or appreciate clay figurine craft, phonology, or listening to the drums or phones, cameras, DV recording natural scenery and historical and cultural in photograph reflect.


Ancient city of anhui province clay figurine inheritance people Shi You RongJieShao, says visitors a lot these days, I introduce visitors to the clay figurine making, clay figurine of the story, and the national cultural connotation in clay figurine color configuration, visitors are very like it, we are very happy, happy to see innovative on the ancient city of clay by so many people care about and support.


Eight in the beauty of the river, with long culture, was welcomed by the tourists come for leisure.Visitors to appreciate the beauty of nature, labor personnel of creativity at the same time, also feel the blush huai magnificent brilliant culture on earth.Praise to guide the historical and cultural place in eight river scenic area has distinguishing feature, let a person of one thousand ShenYi history leave deep impression.


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