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In the eight river travels

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Autumn in October, come to anhui fuyang ying county, play in eight river.In eight river named after the deep located in eight town, covers an area of 3600 acres, divided into the world, splendid China, the heart of its three parts.When they arrived at the third national library love fishing contest held here.

Is in October, but the weather is good, at noon, the temperature was as high as thirty degrees.Is the sun is shining, the sky cloudless, billow above, sparkling.The river edge is the neat rows of willows, the breeze blowing, like a gentle girl to show her weak slender figure to tourists.A melodious song butterfly lovers sad talk with a resonant love story, the scene is invigorating, refreshing.

Splendid China garden was built with the gardens in suzhou, one of the longevity hill, kuanyinshan, white artificial landscapes, such as the Great Wall, small sparrow temple, the nine dragon screen.Here is green, the flowers varied, artificial pile rockery, wonderful artical excelling nature, built in accordance with the lotus pond in the corridors, strewn at random have send, let a person as if place oneself in suzhou paradise on earth.

Which remarkably white sparrow temple, here for the south China sea avalokitesvara wonderful place three elder sister tonsured, because I believe in Buddhism, also visited many temples, white sparrow temple also known as white Angle temple, the grand temple and primitive simplicity massiness.Temple is divided into Ursa major, the great hall, guanyin hall, hid in the house.Temple this is pure land, but nowadays many temples have been dyed by secular, stained with their money.Some scenic spots to revenue, borrow the name of its wealth by the folding of the pilgrims, few decades up to one thousand yuan.People often say: "a stick of people contend for a sigh of relief, the Buddha", wrong, but I feel people regardless of the distinction between rich and poor, came to devout to Buddha incense, from a column of wood three times to table a pious, I want to Buddha won't because you use of incense and treated differently to you, then make the sentence: I can't help but think of maitreya tatu accommodate, let the world is impossible, smile smile the ridiculous thing in the world.Fortunately, the white birds temple has not been defiled with the delicacy, and encouraging.I like wuhan turtle yuan temple, where everyone to leave their fragrance and into the temple before the tribute, the monk to distribute each three incense sticks, and then into the temple to worship the Buddha, still feeling also thenceforth to clean for the best.

Step after swim these spots from cloud bridge into the heart of blue waves, the bridge is 582 meters long, 2364 piece of pine line, six chain bridge connected with the seven pavilions.Walking on the bridge here do not shake the sway, like stepping in mid-air, feel into the clouds, step I think is the name of cloud bridge of get along!Have a poem once praised: "step cloud bridge, south lake scene is also true soul gone with the wind.Forget troubles between things, don't know today is He Chao."From the bridge to ring after the lake, the biggest feature of river bridge in eight pavilions set each other off, island bridge is linked together, this is other lake are rare.Is that it's an antique pavilion, looking to the winding, 12 islands such as the jade ring bridge dotted with strewn at random have send.Every island has a different animal, for visitors to see.Here you can live in a small bridge on the island, also can sit between the boat swim in water island, this place is like a picture of a painter thick pen paint ink, let you feel the jiangnan landscape, let a person like yourself in penglai fairyland, cannot distinguish fantasy and reality.

Visit later I came to the fragrance academy, courtyard as the name implies, such as flower of faint scent, quietly elegant free from vulgarity.This courtyard area is not large, but the difference.Into the corridors of red, green, white winding and red pavilion pavilion set each other off becomes an interest.The academy in the middle of a lotus pond, leisurely walk crane, easygoing red fish enjoy.Fragrance house and yangxin lent, can not only enjoy the calligraphy and painting works of art, for man or her again.It's a pity that I have no ability of painters, no slashes of poem do impromptu ability, or it can be natural and unrestrained scrawled here, expressing feelings, there's a big pity!But I can imagine the ancient literati who create lovers zhen lofty sentiments, but also fantasy knockout fondle zheng melody beautiful scene.Small courtyard garden is green bamboo and golden banana trees, time of the autumn, the wind blowing, leaves rustling, yellow ground, chrysanthemum varied, beautiful flowers, let a person as if place oneself in poetry, I most yearned for dream scene could meet at this, surprised.I sit alone in the corridor, thoughts racing, if life can and love a person in this relational, zhaoxia man, go to the setting sun, in this life without regret.I want to leave this place, I for a long time don't want to home, the scene I will forever in the heart.

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