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The miracle of "river" in eight scenic spots

Date:2010-12-09  Views:1532

Tour guide is introduced: nearly 20000 acres of "eight river", was originally a flood zone.In the early 90 s last century, a term "eight river town of leadership, forward thinking, will flood the desolate, converted into pleasant scenery of the tourist resort.Decades of efforts, the ideal blueprint, finally in the hands of a group of farmers into reality.Now more than 10000 acres of "river in the eight scenic spots", every tourist income, are all more than tens of millions of yuan, these earnings are owned by "eight river town, thus" eight river town "also became the richest man in town.

The tour guide is a girl in his early 20 s, pure affection let people.She said: "eight river scenic area, are mostly own homeland of" eight river in the town of farmers, "she is the" eight river town, "a farm girl.But she is natural and graceful, the interpretation of language is fluent, already completely did not have the farm girl that shy and timid.

To "eight river" at this time, coincides with the late autumn season, although less nature vitality of the grass sprout out of the earth in the spring, but in the warm autumn sun, those green evergreen trees and open flowers, autumn still let the scenic dispersion intoxicating atmosphere.

Scenic spot in a few spots (like what bird garden, world jinxiu garden, etc.) turn down, sit on the shore "eight river" for people to have a rest in the chair, looking at a flat as a mirror of the "eight river water, have to admire" eight river, "the farmer's intelligence and wisdom.River "in the" eight advantageous river, by artificial built attractions, leng will be a barren water area, the whole into a "green accumulate basin".Which is neither at the expense of the local natural environment, there is no local environmental pollution, but also for the local natural landscape beautiful, smooth add a few pen beautiful charm.More valuable is rare, this precious artificial landscape, let "river" in eight children and grandchildren can drink.

Compared with "eight river" in the artificial landscape, wide of chaohu lake in eight hundred, is a full of fairy tales of the legendary island - LaoShanDao.It is said that the formation of the island, is closely related to the legendary in nest states have contact.Not only has a hundreds of years on the island's cultural characteristics "wenfeng tower", and bear witness of all shall be well, jack shall have Jill "old locust tree," one more years as island travel tourists, acting blow play rap, folk artists, so a natural characteristic of natural tourist attractions, should not inferior "river" in eight scenic spots.

Was in an early autumn season, gravitate to the island.Take a few minutes of the boat, on the island.Island patches of ono blooming chrysanthemums, sending out charming fragrance, add the original taste of the island.Flap the 3322 tourists on the island, listening to the lake island sound waves, step a step falls ground leaves thick, it feels really good.

Unfortunately, such a beauty as a virgin island, everywhere can see all kinds of garbage bags, and hung on the island of several fresh brand of hotel, seems to be some dilute the original taste of the island.Compared to the "river" in eight scenic spots, what seems to be little.

The development of The Times, the progress of the society, the life of the rich, leisure tourism has become an increasingly, modern one of a kind of fashion lifestyle.Arises at the historic moment is all over the country, are capitalized travel articles, so how to make the article written, written remarkable, write to satisfy future generations, "river" in eight scenic spots may give some enlightenment.

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