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Writing in the eight river

Date:2010-12-09  Views:1350

Colourful dance floor, pairs stepping the cheerful melody and enjoy dancing, I this landlubber envy.

Few days left, even oneself all feel poor, ballroom can is what person all can go to a place?When the feeling mixed a bit look like, but not that serious cause.

Music literature creation meeting six provinces and one city in east China, on the small lake holiday village, henan in the eight, I have the honor to invited to attend.Evening gala ball is rhythm, Mr. Should invite miss dance, guests can reserve embarrassed, the organizers of the enthusiasm, so we have to put a red cheongsam, miss, in turn, to invite Mr.

I with the poet jie jun huddled together chattered either, "cruel" to declined the two "qipao" invitation.He let me on, I said I can't.He says feet stick on the ground, follow, don't miss on foot.I refuse your mouth, but my heart early, after all, the other day my lover ever "practice" twice at home.Love doing business too tired to waist sour leg pain, I advised her don't too tired, relax, learn to dance is not very good?The next day she really took home more than a dozen dishes, behind closed doors, both on the screen then leg, foot in the 123 s, and showing a thing or two.Just want to hit the road, peng, son of the knock on the door, quickly turn off the machine, do the thief guilty.DVD is closed, can dance "addiction" is playing up.My mouth is hard, this time the foot has occasionally to play through the 123 s.

I don't care people's footsteps, the 123, but the 1234, how many a step?Many: oh, I'm sure seems to understand the dance steps walked off is three steps, four steps a park is a four-step dance.Even simple things, the feeling is also diligently.

A song, and a beautiful young lady came to the front of an a pair, trained to devoting to invite, Sir, please dance, sweet voice.I shake hands hurriedly say no, no...Felt suddenly being push back right now, almost no and bumped into.Simply do not make the sheep as a lamb, anyway be friend up, I will miss slope under the donkey with together.

Pretending to be calm to hide fear, hardened their neck intentionally face with the back, the in the mind is not knocked to knock up a small drum, always remember "feet stick on the ground, to follow" the teachings, like penguins moved mechanically, lest the "heart".Lamp in the rotation, rotation, ballroom in the rotation, the sun is not the heaven and earth in rotation!Spin, spin the vigor of youth, turn out the enjoyment of life!

A song, fortunately, my feet didn't standing on what things.I should say to her, for the first time to dance with me, is you.Where a frieda, lamp shades, complicated can also recognize that a red cheongsam?

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