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Eight Li River tourist area toilets add new technology, so have you seen the toilet cover?

Date:2018-02-05  Views:935

In 2017, there were more than eight family toilets in the tourist area of the "Lijiang River", that is, third bathrooms, which is a toilet for relatives who are not good at behavior or those who cannot help themselves. In addition to the necessary washing basins and adult toilets, there are multifunctional nursing tables for children to change diapers, folding children's safety seats, children's toilets, children's wash basins, safety grip poles and other facilities.

Recently, the Eight Mile River tourist area once again start toilet hardware upgrade plan, every seat in the "family room" in the new technology, a new intelligent toilet cover.

Compared with the traditional toilet with a single function, the Eight Mile River smart toilet has a more humane and scientific function design, which enables you to feel more humane care in the process of using. Intelligent toilet water filtration and washing with massage to replace the traditional paper wipe, can effectively prevent bacterial infection; instant hot, multi-point monitoring continuous temperature, even in winter also can ensure the comfort of being used continuously; seat heating, air drying, night lighting and other details make you feel intimate and intelligent experience.

The most unique feature is to install smart toilet kit on each toilet. Every time you use it, you can turn out the new toilet plastic mat, so that no worries can be found when tourists use it.


"Clean, healthy and comfortable toilet environment is an important manifestation of the quality of service in the scenic area. We will continue to add more" visible "intimate services to our eight mile river tourist area. The person in charge of the eight Lihe tourist area is introduced.

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