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Eight Li River has won "the new media of the ten big influence enterprises in Fuyang"

Date:2018-02-05  Views:1455

Eight Li River has won "the new media of the ten big influence enterprises in Fuyang"

The afternoon of January 18th, by the Fuyang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department guidance, Fuyang network information office, sina Anhui co hosted the 2017 Fuyang Internet Festival and new media awards ceremony, municipal people's Congress deputy director Gao Ziqiu, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Yang Ge, Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress secretary, deputy secretary general Chinese Xuelong Internet association long Yang Yixin attended activity.

The activities gathered about thousands of new media practitioners, outstanding netizens, industry representatives and so on. The documentary "Fuyang and Internet 4" was released for the first time by the release of the WeChat public number in Fuyang, which completely recorded the significant nodes and major events of Fuyang's Internet development in 2017. On the spot, ten network positive energy events and positive energy figures in Fuyang in 2017 were collected. The ten influential network new media, ten influential media, ten influential government new media, ten influential enterprises and new media were presented. 

The eight Lihe tourist area has won "the new media of the ten influential enterprises in Fuyang"

In 2017, the Internet industry in the city has made great progress, and the influence, power and radiation of the new media on the major media platforms are increasing. This activity is aimed at reviewing the new media, fully display the results of the new media industry development, to create a good environment for the development of the Internet and draw a new blueprint for the development of new media. The eight Lihe tourist area will continue to work hard in 2018 to bring better and more comprehensive and better tourism services and information to more people.

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