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The eight Lihe tourist area is actively carrying out the work of establishing the rest assured consumption

Date:2018-02-05  Views:1513

          Is striving to create consumer confidence model typical, according to the county consumer confidence required by the leading group, recently in the eight river tourist area combined with the actual work, to allow consumers to purchase and use of goods safety, quality assured, rest assured, rest assured, service price rights assured "as the goal, and actively carry out the work to create consumer confidence.

The Eight Mile River tourist area and scenic spots in the first business households to sign the "integrity" business undertaking, to guide a law-abiding integrity of operators.

In the scenic area, we must carry out the activities of building "keep the contract and credit", and promote the operation of the honest and trustworthy market, and guide the business owners to operate in good faith according to law. We will set up the consumer rights protection station, equipped with the special person responsible for the consumption rights management, and timely accept all kinds of complaints and reports.

And to carry out a full range of tourism consumption to create publicity in the rest area, the whole region posted signs, etc. create create slogans, actively preparing to create consumer confidence, for the integrity of the building innovative civilization, way, guide masses of people striving to be civilized scenic integrity, and strive to create a good environment of scenic spots, the scenic spot the environment has been further optimized.

The Eight Mile River tourist area will temper to first-class quality, first-class service, first-class standard forward, to 100 times assured, Yingshang County forging consumer confidence demonstration unit.

Good faith operation and reassurance of consumption promise

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