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Zhang Yan, chairman of the county women's Federation, told the nineteen spirit of the party in eight Li Town

Date:2018-02-05  Views:1580

       In January 23rd, Zhang Yan, the party secretary of the county women's Federation, went to the eight Li Town to carry out the nineteen major spiritual announcements and the training activities of the women's Federation.

        Zhang Yan made a special report entitled "women's new" Yingshang Jiangong yearned for the party, with 1.5 hours of training, preaching the spirit of nineteen, and women's business knowledge, especially for the important content of the nineteen report and women is closely related to a detailed interpretation, and the next step forward Township women's Federation First, the township and village, women cadres to strengthen learning, especially to strengthen the party spirit and the nineteen series general secretary Xi Jinping's speech, and constantly improve the ideological realm, strengthen business knowledge, improve services for women and children's ability and skill; second, the town government should focus on the grassroots women's center work actively and earnestly carry out activities; third, combined to create a national civilized city the county has the favorable opportunity to actively participate in the women's civilization action, such as "The most beautiful family, good wife, good mother" selection activities, choose a typical tree, is striving for national civilized city with women's strength.

        Eight in the town and eight Li River scenic area of more than 120 women cadres and representatives of the masses to listen to the lecture, through this training, to further deepen the understanding of women's Federation ACWF Executive Committee building, grassroots women cadres have said the training benefit will apply, in an effort to improve the level of work effort, effect.

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