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The Eight Mile River workers shovel shoveling snow for visitors to travel the way

Date:2018-02-05  Views:1373

                The afternoon of January 24th, an expected at the start of the Eight Mile River Piaoqi the snow. Snowy River in eight to let people disappointed in wonderland.


       The heavy snow has lasted for two days, bringing comfort to people, but also brings inconvenience to tourists. With the drop of temperature, the roads in the scenic area are deep, and there are icing phenomena on some roads.


The eight Lihe tourist area quickly started the emergency plan of rain and snow weather, and actively organized the staff to carry out the work of removing snow from ice.

  Besides, we should clear up the branches fallen on the roads, put up the warning lines on the dangerous roads, eliminate the hidden dangers, ensure the safety of the visitors, and create a good scenic traffic environment.

The snow in the river in eight, there is happiness, some people worry about; people gathered to enjoy the scenery, there are people fighting in the snow line, too busy to see snow.


         Eight Mile River tourist area warm reminder: in the next few days, there will still be rain and snow in the scenic area. Please let the tourists pay attention to the road information released by the traffic department in time, so as to ensure that the journey is not affected.


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