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Common sense and precautions of traveling safety

Date:2017-12-29  Views:1260

Common sense of travel safety and precautions - Anti - bag and robbery bag


Methods / steps

1. the safety of property protection can be effectively protected by carrying out anti - loss and anti - robbing bags with travel and travel.

2. groups of tours show team spirit, mutual care and help.

3. have to follow the arrangement of the person in charge or the guide.

4. when visiting the surrounding scenery, please do not walk, walk without view.

5. if it is to travel to wear soft bottom shoes, can effectively protect the ankle from blisters; do not wear hard bottom (skin) shoes.

6. when going out to play, we must strictly abide by the return time and gather at the specified place.

7. the valuables should be carried with you. Before you go to the car and leave the lodgings, check if there is any loss. You must close the window when you get off.

8. if a car sickness should sit in the front of the car and the window position on both sides.

9. should take care of the child carefully so as not to lose.

10. pay attention to diet and drinking water hygiene, do not drink binge eating.

11. in business or tourism, and strangers to the cautious answer, don't go with strangers.

12. take care of the natural environment, and throw the abandoned items into the trash or the designated position.


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