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Matters needing attention for traveling

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Backpack, identity cards, bank cards, money, mobile phone (phone standby), battery charger, umbrellas, cameras and chargers, pen and paper, toiletries, washing clothes and plastic bags (garbage or other purposes), foam pad (tired, sat down with) paper towels, nail scissors, knives, rope, key, tickets, food, razors, small flashlight, drug (anti-inflammatory drugs, bad stomach medicine, cold medicine, if you have a fever, band aid) go to the seaside with slippers, swimsuit, swimming ring.


Two. Understanding of the situation


1. weather. The weather in the last few days, depending on the circumstances of the travel date.


The 2. route. Where to go first and where to go, and where to sit in the middle and find out the last bus.


3. accommodation. The best book in advance, there is information online, such as the of online travel booking, to order online in advance, choose the accommodation and date of departure, the cost of online payment, to directly when they can live, but the early rounds good traffic routes, timely check arrived at the residence.


4. gourmet. Where there are special snacks, try to arrange the route on the road.


5. plan the content of the trip. I have to travel is divided into three parts, first, to see the local tourist attractions, everyone will have to go to the reason; second, observe the characteristics of the local city, a city, to best reflect local characteristics around the site (such as the Dalian Binhai Road), this is not necessarily the local attractions no, there must be many people, not necessarily very interesting, but at this time, it is the sublimation of tourism travel; third, local delicacy food products, characteristics of each place is different, the world, food world, blessing in life!


Three. Precautions


1. you can buy back tickets on the basis of the time you leave the tourist site.


2. money separately in different pockets, so that the loss will not be lost together, the school bags are also to be put in different places, the face value is not necessarily too large, in case.


3. most important, go ahead and make a careful plan, plan the route, spend, and bring more money than planned.


4. before going to tell friends often contact yourself to where, in case of emergency, must be known at the time of your trip.


5. as little as possible, a shoulder bag is enough. It has been said that the more things you bring, the sooner the trip comes.


When more than 6. people look at valuables, don't care too much, so thieves will care too much about you.


7. where you want to go, ask the way, ask the way is the king, ask the staff is very safe.


8. wear a pair of comfortable shoes, even if not comfortable at least what you like most, because travel is the long march of feet.


9., before you go, write down the number of your friend's phone that you can make sure that your phone will turn on and put it in different pockets, so as to prevent your cell phone from losing. No one can find you. In this way, even if the phone is lost, you can use the money you hide and call for a call to a friend in the phone.


10. knapsack arrangement. Put the things that are not commonly used (such as laundry) at the bottom, after the release of the commonly used (such as eating, umbrella).




Four. Heart soothing


1. try to walk and bus as far as possible, so reaching the destination has a great sense of achievement.


2. better take the beloved notebook, the journey is tired on the road to stop, write travel diary, not only rest, but also left a good memory.


3. to get a map after getting out of the car, I think it is very necessary, even if you do not look to buy one. It's a special souvenir for me. It's a very happy thing to see how happy it is to look at the road that you have passed on the map.


4. travel don't let yourself too tired, tired to rest, do not see the scenery, I always thought that the meaning of travel is to find yourself, is to find a sense of belonging, is to discover what they want, is to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city... So don't be too hard for yourself. Everything needs not be done. Everything is not to be seen. It's not bad to leave a little regret in a strange city, so long as you are happy, you are right.

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