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Anhui provincial tour guide contest

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Anhui provincial tour guide contest
By the Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration, the provincial civilization office, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial Party committee and the provincial women's Federation jointly organized the 2017 Anhui tour guide, held in Hefei from 27 to 28 February. The competition included 41 athletes from 16 cities in the province, including 10 English speaking guides. The competition is divided into three parts: skill demonstration, knowledge question and answer and topic commentary.
The province attaches great importance to the construction of tourist guides
For the success of this contest, was established in 2017 in Anhui province tour organizing committee, director of the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau Wan Yixue, deputy director of the Organizing Committee; executive vice director of the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau deputy director Wang Jing; Anhui Provincial Civilization Office Deputy Director Liu Tao, Anhui Provincial Federation of trade unions funding review committee director Hu Donghui, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee Yang Zheng, Anhui provincial women's Federation deputy director Sun Chuanqin; the Secretary General chaired by the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau Director of supervision and management of Yang Long.
The contest attaches great importance to the provincial departments, all participate in the finals awarded the "Anhui province civilized tour guide" title; awarded third-prize won the competition one or two players, "Anhui gold guide" title, awarded the "outstanding finalists in other guides in Anhui," the title; awarded the prize of the contest one or two female athletes "Anhui province pacesetters" title, awarded the third-prize contest of female athletes in Anhui province tourism industry pacesetters "title; awarded the contest one or two, third-prize and under the age of 35 players of Anhui province" youth post expert "title; according to the procedure recommended players contest first prize for" Anhui province 51 labor medal ".
The opening ceremony of the tour guide has an oath taking session. Referee Meng Xianghong, referee's oath. She came on stage, saying that the first time in her life the oath was sworn in more than 20 years ago, when the scene was fresh. Then there was no more oath, including marriage, without oath. "Today, I am very honored, also very proud to represent all the solemn oath: resolutely obey the arrangements of the organizing committee, strictly abide by the competition rules and referees of discipline, serious, do not follow the affair, justice". She raised her right hand with a solemn expression.
At that moment, everyone felt dignified. In the next competition, the contestants will mark the spot after the match, and announce the position immediately after the end of the match. There is no possibility of any private operation, and everything is civilized.
Improving the ability of guide by taking lessons and training
In the afternoon of 27, the number 14 English female athlete failed in the contest, and she could not help crying.
On the platform, she cried 5 times. The first time I cried, I heard the clapping of applause from the audience. The girl soon recovered her peace and continued her reply. She was made several turnovers in the next match because of a nervous mood. Every time she got into trouble, she could not help but shed tears, but for an instant she soon calmed down and saw that she was trying to maintain her emotions.
At the end, she came out. The reporter immediately followed and asked her some questions. Knowing that, she could not help it. She kept sobbing on the stone wall beside the elevator. One of her good friends kept on talking.
From her friend's mouth, she was still young, in 1994. It was a Chinese speaking tour guide, explaining and talented. She is learning English herself. She hopes to challenge herself and report to the English team. This is what happened".
I am also busy to persuade, lost a game, what is, you are still young, as long as you want to be a tour guide, after the opportunity is more than, the next time again.
She wiped the tears off her face with a handkerchief and nodded silently.
I saw her success in her nod.
There is also a contestant, she was originally an indoor narrator, for the referee asked questions such as the line, she mostly do not understand, the results of the competition is not ideal. She said afterwards that she always thought she was an indoor narrator, and she was afraid of speaking well. Through this competition, she understood that to become a real guide, the knowledge must be all, and in the future to make up for this lack.
Wang Jing, deputy director of the Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration, said that the Provincial Tourism Bureau will jointly organize related services skills competition every year. At present, the province has a total of 23637 licensed tour guides. The tour guide to host the contest, is a match with the training, to learn the skills training activities in the game industry, it is hoped that through events, show the guides of civilization style, enhance the professional quality of tour guides and lead the civilized travel, effective disposal of emergencies of the occupation skill, good image further promotion in Anhui tour guide.
Focus on explaining the level of knowledge improved significantly
The result of the competition is unexpected. Before the match, Hefei city leader Xu Ning said, "to see if we can win the championship this time, the tour guide held in 2014, the Chinese team of Hefei team is the first.". Bai Junhua, deputy director of the Huangshan City Tourism Commission, also came to the contest early in the morning. When he saw him, he was talking with the contestants about the competition. They lost all this time.
Wang Yuanying, who won first prize in Chinese group, is a tour guide of Xiaogangcun rural tourism area in Fengyang County, Chuzhou. She was on, he went straight to the theme: about the winter of 1978, 18 farmers in Xiaogangcun "Tuogu", in the land contract responsibility book press the red handprint, the implementation of the "dabaogan". This "push" opened the prelude to China's rural reform and opening up. He won the first prize in his explanation. However, Hefei did not completely retreat, they also won the first prize in English competitions, the winners are Zhang Mingqian, Anhui CYTS staff; two prize winners are

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