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Guanzhong and BaoShu teeth

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Guanzhong yi I, novelty here also.Youth, often swim with BaoShu teeth, BaoShu is known by its merit.Poverty, often deceives BaoShu;BaoShu finally met, not words.Then BaoShu things neat childe small white, guanzhong matter childe remedy.And small white made huan male, childe remedy dead, guanzhong prison how;BaoShuSui in guanzhong.As guanzhong, secretary to qi, the duke to bully, jiuhe, a rectification, the guanzhong also.

Guanzhong yue: "when I trapped in the beginning, taste and BaoShu jia, gain, since and more;BaoShu not greed, for I know my poor;My taste for BaoShu man proposes, and poorer, BaoShu don't with me for a fool, know advantage disadvantage also;I tried 3 three see one by one in jun, BaoShu for dodgy to me, not know I was not also;I tried three wars 3, BaoShu not afraid for me, I have old mother also know;Childe remedy, called suddenly death, and I cast in prison humiliated, BaoShu don't shameless, for I know I am not ashamed section, and doesn't shame fame in the world;Living my parents, you know I have my good friends also!"BaoShu in guanzhong, both with the body.Sons ShiLu by qi, has ten remaining the principality, often in the name of the doctor.The few guanzhong xian, and BaoShu can known more also.

Guanzhong and BaoShu teeth

Yi guanzhong, the words I, there is a place is small.Was young, there was a friend who travels regularly called BaoShu teeth.Know the guanzhong of sage BaoShu teeth.The guanzhong home is poor, often take advantage of BaoShu teeth, but not care BaoShu teeth, is always good to guanzhong.Later, made qi childe BaoShu tooth white home minister, guanzhong made childe remedy retainers.Wait for the small white board as the duke, childe remedy was killed, guanzhong in captivity.Yu Shibao uncle is recommended to huan male teeth guanzhong.Guanzhong has been appointed as the prime minister of qi, qi rectification, the duke hegemony countries, meet nine governors, advising the zhou dynasty.These achievements on guanzhong's discretion.

Guanzhong said: "when I was frustrated, once and BaoShu tooth partnership for sales, profits, are most.BaoShu teeth don't think I am greedy, but know that I am poor.I once for BaoShu tooth design career, but I am more poor career development is not smooth, BaoShu teeth don't think I'm stupid, but know that I do do not have external conditions.I have several officials and several deported from monarch, BaoShu teeth don't think I didn't, no, no but know that I am not in good monarch.I have three times don't actively fight during the war, BaoShu teeth don't think I am timid, but know that I miss the old mother.Childe remedy hurt, called for childe is dead, but I will endure humiliation in captivity don't commit suicide, BaoShu teeth don't think I have no sense of shame, but know that I don't care section, care about can conquer the world.Is born my parents, who really knew me at all is BaoShu teeth!"BaoShu teeth recommended guanzhong, office placed himself in guanzhong down to assist him.Later BaoShu tooth generation in the qi of the sons of a judge, a dozen generations have a fief, and there are many are the well - known politicians.

His praise is not of guanzhong sage, but praised BaoShu teeth can understand presented sage!BaoShu teeth after the death of guanzhong in his grave cry, think of BaoShu teeth on his understanding and support, he lamented: "at the beginning, I assisted the prince remedy fails, the other minister shi zhong to death, I am willing prisoner trapped, BaoShu teeth didn't laugh at me without integrity, he know that I am in order to devise the cause and don't care for fame.Have my parents, but really understand my BaoShu teeth!"

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