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Shou-ren zheng

Date:2017-03-04  Views:1433

Shou-ren zheng Male, anhui innovative people, han nationality, born in January 1940, in September 1964 to join the Chinese communist party member, university undergraduate course graduation, Chinese academy of engineering, senior engineer, enjoy the state council special allowance.Between September 1958 and September 1963 majored in the east China institute of water conservancy hydraulic structure.In September 1963 was assigned to do work for construction design, long of wujiang river survey design team training for professional team leader, construction design, construction diversion group deputy team leader place, deputy director of the design and construction of the commissioner of design;In June 1986 as a long run deputy chief engineer and design on behalf of the director of the management;Ren Changjiang committee deputy chief engineer, in May 1991 in January 1994, secretary of the committee on behalf of the three gorges project of Yangtze river;Ren Changjiang committee in February 1994, the chief engineer, party members and the communist party of China Yangtze river three gorges project on behalf of the bureau, in 1997 was elected to the Chinese academy of engineering, August 2003 Ren Changjiang, director of the committee of science and technology committee member;The current Yangtze river committee chief engineer.

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