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Dai Houying

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Dai Houying

Dai Houying lady was born in anhui county on novelty, diligence is a prolific writer, famous drink praise at home and abroad.On the occasion of the thick British killed two Dai Houying was born in March 1938, anhui ying county people.In 1956, entered the Chinese department of east China normal university.WenJie fell in love with famous poet during the cultural revolution, and so were persecuted, the latter and then committed suicide.After the cultural revolution transferred to Shanghai university college of liberal arts teaching, and completed in the first novel "the poet's death" (1982), the second novel: "man, man!"(at the end of 1980).

Dai Houying was once a controversial figure in the literary world, criticism of her massive twice: first began in the man, man!"A book in 1981, after the second is in the "clean-up" campaign in 1983.But in the new environment, different cultural revolution criticism makes the writer's creation more attention by people.Her "man, man!"Ceng Chongyin 10 times, the protection of millions of copies;And been translated into English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean and many other languages."The poet's death" translation also abroad.At the same time, she was the third instalment of intellectuals: the sky in silence and the tears of the huaihe river trilogy of the first two: forget the past and the tables etc also has appeared.From 40 started writing "the poet's death" to killed 58 years old, only 18 years of writing career, she published a total of seven novels, two short stories, two prose essays, part autobiography, and some unpublished compositions.

On August 25, 1996, killed by resorting to her fellow villager Dai Houying at home.

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