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Ancient clever odd choice on the novelty of dialect

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, typical bearing vocabulary

Gao tou2 (noun, English quite a word: on) : the above, the top.Example: the tea bottle?Gao tou2 to the table.Note: "virgins" in spoken English often take a "to" word, it ran.

2, typical adverbs

YangXiong sample (adverbs of degree, English is most word: the most, is very special.Ex 1: they YangXiong samples in the past is not good, how to break off?Example 2: can the newly opened restaurant, food not bad, taste YangXiong recovering.

3, representative adjectives

Being (English quite a word: mostly) : ok, fine, ill.Example 1: this is good but the wine, dropping a few fights cup is drunk.Example 2: both of them in a bucket is recovering

4, table righteousness most verbs

Bucket (verb, English is quite words do, Make) : eat, drink, drive, write, and work, work, did things, beat and scold, fought, industries, harm people, the struggle, the...As a..., etc.Case 1 (to eat) : tao tao at night in the morning, a meal is not for bucket noodles;Case 2 (drink) : today dou, head straight dizzy;Example 3: (work, work) to fight to live, have to fight every morning and evening;Example 4: (abuse, as) they cut a pipe too YangXiong sample yesterday, he fights his wife, however, face all dig rotten;Case 5 (industries, man) : which unit nothing serious, you fight me all day I fight you;Case 6 (in terms of doing things) : the children fight things is not like that, don't play with him.Example 7 (fight) : the cultural revolution he dad AiDou long, he was a child;8 (the...As a...) : when he fights speculation, to hard labor.9 cases (write) : so-and-so word a fight to the bad, also practice every day.Case 10 (driving, driving) : the boy white eggs and new hopper, a fight to did not as, almost bucket (rolling) people.

5, the commonly used language for sure

(English is or it is quite a word: yes, ok, rihgt) : is that you can, yes, right.Case 1: old asked, her a smaller ostentation and extravagance?The sister-in-law said: three and ostentation and extravagance.Example 2: it is, I won't fight, you fight to the ostentation and extravagance, ok?

6, common negative expressions

Don't follow, and did not as air (quite a word no English;Language: don't hang) : no, not good.Example: he fights the mahjong according to gas, change hands!!!!

7, the most unusual conjunction

To: whether or not.Example: leadership asked him, material to write good?And he said, is nearly tail.

8, the remains of the ancient words

No-clasp: no matter, no matter what, no matter, anyway.Example: no-clasp how make, have to think of some way to complete the task;

Tax (read sei, novelty, reading the "water", and the sound) unwind and unlock and open.Example: put the box on the rope tax first, then taking out the TV.

9, multi-function adjectives

Ostentatious: good, beautiful, beautiful, quality, etc.Example 1: people grow ostentation and extravagance, the home had also ostentation and extravagance;Example 2: town buildings and streets are ostentation and extravagance, popularity is almost.

Qiao, qiao ba: good, right.Example: sesame leaves under article miso eats to qiao.Example: the room tidy up to qiao ba to live in.

10 strong, emotional color phrase

Finished plate: no value, useless.Example: said than singing is good, and finish board!

11, other slang

White tiger (verbs, nouns) : chat, talk, talk nonsense.Example: you can white tiger most, who believe?

White eggs, but white eggs (nouns, adjectives) : love to chat, talk nonsense.Example: the child the most white eggs, is a double yellow egg white.

Blood (adverbs of degree) : it's, the most extreme.Can the child blood white tiger, the tiger has no sides.

Blood tiger (verb, adjective) : hyperbole, fantastic fuss was about.Example: good thing?You see your blood tiger, touch tokage child B!

12, the spoken language, a word pronunciation variation

(dia a dia, not necessarily desirable, not commonly used) : elegant word close reading variation, meaning, and elegant, good, very good.

(mai mai, to the word, not necessarily desirable) : don't, don't.Example: you pulled down the crooked (you don't bullshit!

Plug (sai, take this word, not commonly used) : children.Example: my yo plug (my child)!

In addition, the above innovative appeared some nouns, ok take tone suffix: child.Such as: the knee is not to pull the cover, the cover is "beat" pot, handkerchief is "handkerchief leader", nose is "nose", saliva is "if", and so on.

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