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In eight he Zhen Zhu Gang Cun, Yingshang County poverty alleviation relocation project tender notice

Date:2017-03-02  Views:2753

Tender notice (qualification after trial)

In eight he Zhen Zhu Gang Cun, Yingshang County poverty alleviation relocation project tender notice

1. tender conditions

Eight in the town of Yingshang County the tender Zhu Gang Cun to resettle construction projects have been approved, with the tender conditions, is an open tender for the construction of the project, welcome qualified bidders to participate in bidding.

1.1 project name: eight Li He Zhen Zhu Gang Cun, Yingshang County poverty alleviation relocation project

1.2 project number: BJFH-20170301

1.3 the tender: eight in Yingshang County Town People's Government

1.4 source of funds: financial funds

2. project overview and bidding scope

2.1 construction site: Yingshang County

2.2 construction scale: this project includes 1#-4# four residential buildings, all of which are 1-2 layer sloping roof masonry structures. The total construction area is about 2705 square meters. The project includes civil engineering, decoration and installation works. Details are shown in the construction drawings and the bill of quantities.

2.3 schedule: one section: 90 calendar days; two tenders: 90 calendar days.

2.4 tender scope: including but not limited to drawings, bills of quantities and bidding documents, including all the contents of the construction.

2.5 tenders Division: two tenders

3. bidder qualification requirements

3.1 of the tender requirements, bidders must have the qualification of independent legal person and approved by the administrative department of industry and Commerce annual inspection, and also has three construction general contracting construction projects and above qualifications, and has the ability of construction in the corresponding personnel, equipment, funds etc..

3.2 project manager qualifications requirements: with construction professional grade two and above registered construction qualification, effective safety assessment certificate, and not as the other in the construction engineering construction project project manager.

3.3, bidders must provide the county labor supervision team or the local labor security supervision institutions or industry departments issued no arrears of wages of migrant workers bad credit record material.

3.4 this tender does not accept joint tendering. The bid of the consortium shall meet the following requirements: /.

3.5, the tender is divided into 2 tenders. The bidder may submit 2 tenders at the same time, but only one bid in the order of tenders. If the bidder is listed as the first successful candidate in a bid in this order, the bidder will no longer be recommended as the successful candidate for the other tenders in the bid opening (1 and 2 of the bid order).

3.6 bidders must have the quality management system certification and the occupational health management system certification and environmental management system certification (must provide the original certificate and in the validity period).

3.7 over the past three years (from the date of the bidding announcement going back 3 years) the tenderer or its legal representative no bribery criminal record, the bidder shall provide the bidding deadline within 30 days before the people's Procuratorate issued the "bribery file query results to the letter" original copies stamped with the official seal in the bidding documents.

4. acquisition of bidding documents

4.1 registration time: from March 1, 2017 to March 7, 2017 (except statutory holidays, legal holidays), every day 8:30-11:30; 14:00-17:00 (Beijing time).

4.2 tender documents access location: Beijing China Golden State Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd (Fuyang City Yingzhou Palace on the south side of 20 meters).

Those who wish to participate in the bidding, please register and receive the bidding documents in time to obtain the Beijing China Golden State Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., the tender documents 500 yuan / sets (customer service Butui).

5. media for announcements

The bid announcement is also posted at the following website:

China government procurement network:

Anhui bidding information network

Eight Li River Scenic Area /welcome/

6. contact information

Tender: eight in Yingshang County Town People's Government

Contact: Mayor Li

Telephone: 139-6683-3008

Bidding agency: Beijing China National Gold Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd

Address: Fuyang city children's Palace on the south side of Yingzhou District 20 meters

Contact: Liu Gong

Tel: 0558-3925566 150-5550-4750


March 1, 2017

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