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Ma Zhuanqiao mark Ma Shaotong

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"Guanzhong burned my, clever people", this is too history Mr Sima qian in guanzhong and the beginning of the language.In the hometown of guanzhong - ying county eight river in fourALevel scenic area on the west side there is a bridge Ming yue xu ma bridge.Xu ma bridge isn't ancient zhaozhou bridge, but than and zhaozhou bridge, ma xu did not lugouqiao bridge amplifier, but also made the japs south breaches.Now attraction xu ma bridge, the majestic exists in ying huo (ying county, huoqiu county) the county traffic crossroads, become eight river scenic area in the other a beautiful scenery line, no wonder some people joke "xu ma bridge, make a trip in vain in the eight river.Kyushu earth named xu bridge of place names, Shanghai minhang district is a town called xu bridge town.Mouth xu bridge is one of the ancient five emperors ZhuanXu emperor is the maker of them all.ZhuanXu good good, to build a bridge to build a bridge to the tribal people convenient traffic and the links between tribes, everywhere can land on small branch river built a lot of bridge, the bridge but then can't and the existing bridge with the language, I think at that time the bridge may just built with trees or bale fill out, most also can only use stone base, used by one person or several people jumping, absolutely can't be opened, because at that time had been there, even the simple and not to mention the train car.Horse is by the ma clan in xu xu bridge bridge on the place of taking a available for transport passage between the arch, it has been600Years old.According to historical records ZhuanXu ma is considered the father of the blood, ma xu bridge, xu bridge before a horse word called xu bridge is also plead to edge, edge.I have in different seasons of the spring, summer, autumn and winter dedicated to xu ma bridge looked around in circles and catch a glimpse of the different wind colour to attract visitors, whole is "sunset and solitary seek fly together, colchicine and sky flavor", its west MengWa, other: division, north near water ying, south of huaihe river, a unique scenic spot;Look like nine days to travel, see the children of judah the abyss, underwater acoustic such as organ, leap, if a bridge to build a waterside pavilion, invite friends sit ting in tasting fish, it's a fairy day, don't say is three to five days, even if these ten days and a half months.In spring, on both sides of the new LiuChu yellow white, snow;Summer, green lotus reflected day, red-violet ornament (due to the villagers of lotus root for a living);Cold autumn wader hunting fish, share;During coagulation, brainpower-computer snow bank bingjie,, step four seasons lewd, busy people, on the bridge, let the wind and rain, good mood only oneself know, not money can buy, return some to health will increase longevity.The scenery of four seasons in a year,, let you linger, of a day in the change, let you feast for the eyes.Early-morning, mist cage bridge, rail vaguely, fog in the bridge, the bridge in the fog, mirage wonderland, beauty, if encounter bottom chord, a well a "lu ditch both" in huai ying (glume of the huaihe river water) by xu ma bridge between;The dusk, the sun is setting, the hongxia, bridge under the refraction of the above, the prix red injured, decked with gold, if encounter egrets flying, really is the tang dynasty in the preface to tengwang pavilion sentence representation;At night, the day of low complexity, brainpower-computer solidification, in silence only wind sound, if encounter birds overhead, suspected meteor wear dome;If encounter the heavy rain cats and dogs, now have to ditch full Tian Ping, river water channeling, paddy fields become the fish ponds, "like a duck to water" from the inside of the idiom interpretation to the farmers' crops, the biggest blessing is coming, take off shoes and socks, rolled up his trousers, the field catch fish shrimp, a walk in a water fish, all over like a drowned rat, a fisherman, image while the indecent, but comfortable and clinking.In the eight river.Fat clams fresh fish, shrimp, crab fertile.The variety of fish, compare, buttery Ji flower fish, devil fish, flat fish, this is three flowers;Sichuan article, article, Dao, dog, silver fish, this is a five;Luo ya zi, carp melon seeds, the stone leather, catfish beard, put in the hammer, hemp braided fish, 18 children.Beautiful spring scenery of a plate of Fried five, dehumidifying an aphrodisiac, full flow incense;On a summer sorching raw mix three flowers, cool them down, ice radula, five abdominal cool;The month, snow, hot pot 18 child heating cold, steaming, strip wipe sweat, indoor the double day outdoor.I betray here are rare and precious little fish, often to the city, so there is "full to eat fish, taste shrimp".Eight is not the big fish in the river, just because The Times have changed, the body does not love to eat fatty fish to recognize small endowment, tend to cause death in the river, recently reported in the fishing contest, unexpectedly someone in eight river fishing for a large, more than sixty catties of grass carp scored first prize of $twenty thousand.Xu ma bridge around the canal such as network, dry can row can be waterlogged, suisui good harvest, the concept of them."Granary reality and etiquette, eight nice people in the river, the xu ma bridge is re-reading lu you" shanxi village "sentence," peasant LaJiu MoXiao muddy, harvest detain a guest foot chicken dolphin”.You look at the hotel, high-grade, middle-grade, the accuracy of whole fish feast, the crab feast, shrimp meal, Mr Screw feast, longevity and a plate of food, is actually Zheng sweep miao, eat fifty yuan a plate in Beijing, in the horse eat a plate of only three yuan xu bridge, raw material, the same process of cooking, quality and cheap, cheap.Especially the farm premises, seen from its name alone makes you don't go in to drink, then become a source of great embarrassment that what GuaPeng hotel, pan restaurant, the scooter table is more, friends meet, sit on the floor, whether it's the bridge riverbanks or shade shelf-space, you around the place where, where lorries going like a dish of spicy beans, a hairy crab or a disc of fume shrimp, suck up observation, tasting crab chrysanthemum appreciation, wine ask blue sky: who will enjoy, who know the grade and the value of the picnic, god only knows, 12 hours later, face slightly tipsy, bursts of cup and song bo to dance, not quick zai.Natural and unrestrained once, crazy time, storage of gas, into the essence of 10, when the burden, reduce time depressive, isn't a spa spa, worth.Swim alone home with light, low ning eyebrow eye to restrain maharaja, fortune fame clouds, only the most excellent health.Several respects xu ma bridge, the writer thinks the long end of a couplet: see sabingga sukdun dergici jimbi bridge crane their necks hin, pinglan swat sing the river west irrigation.Because sabingga sukdun dergici jimbi, tens of thousands of villagers prosperous, qiaotou, ma xu, farm work across great river north and south of business, and outside the village of lingnan, make a year back note enough for several years.The rivers of China generally eastward and nothing strange is worth singing, but the horse xu river water under the bridge, when the dry due to the effect of water pump is using the river back west irrigation, watering the fat rice fragrant lotus root, for personal use, less than one over ten of ninety percent are sold abroad, green food, the world-famous, caused by the United Nations high thumbs-up, granted in eight river "global ecological five best group" of reputation.Xu ma bridge, my hometown, the native place.Mentality can good product out good times, good times only contributed to the prosperity of xu ma bridge.Let all the bridge under the bridge like xu ma bridge, the bridge bridge in xu ma bridge.

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